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23 июля 2024
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  • Establishment of the Group of companies "Chemical systems" and the opening of its first branch office in Moscow.
  • Opening a warehouse in Moscow.
  • Beginning of deliveries diethyl phthalate from the company "BASF" for denaturing of ethyl alcohol.


  • Opening a second branch in St. Petersburg.
  • Opening a warehouse in St. Petersburg.
  • Opening of a new direction of supply – raw materials for manufacturers of disinfectants. Raw materials and additives for production of modern disinfectants: chlorine active drugs, alcohols, peroxides, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds, aldehydes, triameen and other.


  • Opening of the new directions of the supply – Supply of chemicals under order. Deliveries of chemical products from Europe and Asia for all industries as container batches, as well as smaller, consolidated batches.


  • Opening a branch in Dzershinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region.
  • Opening of the new directions of supply - Raw materials for flame retardants. Chemical products, manufacture of which does not exist in Russia: ammonium polyphosphate, pentaerythritol, melamine, graphite and other flame retardants. GC "Chemical systems" was the first company in Russia, importing from China flame retardants. Prior to that, in the Russian market were only flame retardants made in Europe are extremely overpriced.


  • Opening of the new directions of supply - Raw materials for asphalt and road construction.


  • Opening of a warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This warehouse has allowed us to consolidate smaller shipments from Europe and America, thus minimizing logistics costs, which naturally affected the final price of products supplied.
  • Opening of the new directions of supply - Raw materials for household and industrial chemistry. Raw materials and additives for the production of detergents, rinse, detergent drawer and bleach fabrics, plumbing facilities for washing, etc.
  • Creating and opening a web site www.chemsystem.ru. In 2005, created the first version of our web site, which, over time, of course, has undergone significant changes and improvements.


  • Opening of the new directions of supply - Additive for diesel fuel and gasoline. Additives that improve the performance characteristics of various fuels.


  • Opening of the new directions of supply – Construction materials Cormix. GC "Chemical systems" has become the exclusive distributor of "Cormix International Limited" in Russia and CIS countries. Assortment of products Cormix is very wide and presented by materials: for waterproofing, sealing, repair of concrete structures, systems protect the floor, mortars of various purpose, modifying additives for concrete, etc.


  • Opening of a warehouse in Shanghai, China. This warehouse has allowed us to consolidate smaller shipments from China and throughout Southeast Asia, thus minimizing logistics costs, which naturally affected the final price of products supplied.
  • Opening of the new directions of supply – Packaging for disinfectants. Plastic bottles, various dispensers and holders for them which is necessary for convenient storage and use of disinfectants funds.


  • Opening of the new directions of supply – Sorbents. Category sorbents is presented in three main groups: coconut absorbents Shelltic and polypropylene sorbents Polabic - eco-friendly materials used for oil, oil products and chemicals spill response; enterosorbents Shelltic E for treatment and prevention mycotoxicosis of farm animals; adsorbents Alumac – products based on active alumina, used for dry air and other gases, cleaning of industrial gases and liquids, for water purification; coconut activated carbon Carbonut – for all sorts of applications: water treatment, dechlorination and deozonation pool water, cleaning water from flavors, fragrances and various contaminants, treatment of industrial and household wastewater, groundwater and storm water runoff, the production of carbon filters for cigarettes in the tobacco industry, gold recovery in metallurgy, purification of air and various gases.


  • Opening of the new directions of supply – Metal packaging. Metal packaging European manufacture for the coatings (paints) - conical pails and cans of different sizes for paints, mastics, putties, including materials in a solvent and water dispersion basis for various chemical and industrial products.


  • Opening a branch of the Company in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • Opening of a warehouse in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


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